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Litecoin History - A Concise Look at this Crypto’s Creation

Charlie Lee is recognized as both the founder and creator of Litecoin. He was a graduate of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before becoming a computer scientist, with invaluable experience of working at one of the biggest software brands in the world: Google. He created Litecoin in 2011, probably with no idea how big it would become down the line. He also joined Coinbase in 2013, taking over as the crypto exchange’s Director of Engineering. In this role, Lee set his own work on Litecoin’s development to one side. He has since said that he felt his primary goal had to be helping people di...   Read more

What is Litecoin Cryptocurrency? Litecoin Guide

You’ve heard of Bitcoin. But how about Litecoin? Litecoin is an open-source software, originally launched under the MIT/X11 licence and imposes limited re-use restrictions. This peer to peer cryptocurrency is considered to share similarities with Bitcoin, as it is a digital currency and offers a way to make payments digitally online. Furthermore, cutting-edge encryption technology is utilized to regulate Litecoin unit generation, and to ensure transactions or transfers are processed securely. While Bitcoin is the more famous of the two cryptocurrencies, Litecoin has still been on the market for some time — actually dating back to 2...   Read more